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Eyes on Main Street Inc. and Diesel Factory China Emerging Photographer Residency 
The residency will promote the exchange of ideas and practice methods between International and Chinese emerging photographers. As photographers work on their individual projects, they will have an opportunity to mentor a young photographer from the Pingyao Modern Engineering Technology School photography program. 
Photographers will work in a collaborative studio experience that will provide them with individual working spaces coupled with a communal critique space and photography lighting studio in the famous Diesel Factory situated in the Ancient City of Pingyao, China. Print facilities will be provided at the Pingyao Modern Engineering Technology School.
The residency will include studio time, a collaborative youth photography project and travel to regional sites of interest including Xian to view the Terracotta Warriors. The group will spend three days in the city of Beijing visiting significant sites of art and culture.  The group will be supported by two instructors Jerome De Perlinghi and Peter Fitzpatrick and Chinese translators. Single room accommodation in a traditional courtyard hotel in the center of Pingyao will be provided.
Pingyao Ancient City has existed for around 2,700 years in northern China’s Shanxi Provence. It was named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997. The region has a long history of trade and industry. Once a coal mining hub, Pingyao has now turned its attention toward culture and tourism. The Diesel Factory hosts the annual Hidden Tiger International Film and Pingyao International Photography festivals. 
The resulting work from the residency will be showcased at the 2019 Pingyao International Photography Festival. 
Total cost of the residency is approximately $5424 see below for details
An FAQ section is at the bottom of this page.
Register your interest here by Friday March 1st !
Thank you for your interest. I will be in contact with you soon with further information. Peter Fitzpatrick Education Director
Summer Residency in China Budget Plan 2019
Participants pay Eyes on Main Street Inc. at registration time a total of $3000
Payment is due no later than March 31st, 2019  
Registration payment covers the following expenses:
Return train travel to Beijing to Pingyao
Return train travel to Pingyao to Xi’an
Hotel accommodation in Beijing
Hotel Accommodation Xi’an
Hotel Accommodation Pingyao
Pingyao Ancient City Fee
Regional Travel 
Residency Program  Fee
Participant must budget to bring to China and purchase their airfare ($2515)*
Flights * Check for update prices and deals - $800 to $1300 
Chinese Tourist Visa - 30 days - $120
Subway Beijing - $50
Museum Entry - $200
Food - $450
Electric bike hire per day $8 x 20 days (optional) - $160
Peddle bike hire per day $2 x 20 days (optional) - $40

Travel Insurance – CSA Insurance – example policy only - $195
Policy should includes  the following:
Trip Cancellation $4,500 (100% of trip cost) Trip Interruption $6,750 (150% of trip cost)
Medical Evacuation $1,000,000 per plan Medical Protection $250,000 per plan ($0 deductible)
Proof of travel Insurance should be provided to Eyes on Main Street before departure.

*Additional cost that each participant needs to budget for on top of Eyes on Main Street registration payment is approximately $2515 based on current market pricing. Please note China is extremely cheap on the ground and estimated cost is design to give you a buffer. And don't forget to budget for some spending money! In China $50 per day goes a long way.
2019 Proposed Activities
May 30th  Thursday Arrive in Beijing
May 31st Friday Beijing 798 Art precinct and Red Gate Gallery
June 1st Saturday Train to Pingyao + Group orientation of Pingyao 
June 2nd Sunday - Pingyao - Set up Diesel Factory Studios + orientation cont
June 3rd Monday - Pingyao- Diesel Factory Studio Time
June 4th Tuesday - Pingyao - Diesel Factory Studio Time
June 5th Wednesday - Pingyao - Visit Pingyao Modern Engineering Technology School photography program (PMETS) + Diesel Factory Studio Time
June 6th Thursday - Pingyao - Begin project with PMETS students
June 7th Friday - Pingyao - PMETS project + Diesel Factory Studio Time
June 8th Saturday - Research Trip - Group travel to regional villages + temples
June 9th Sunday - Research Trip - Group travel to regional villages + temples
June 10th Monday - Pingyao - Diesel Factory Studio Time
June 11th Tuesday - Pingyao - Diesel Factory Studio Time
June 12th Wednesday - Pingyao - PMETS project + Diesel Factory Studio Time
June 13th Thursday - Pingyao - PMETS project + Diesel Factory Studio Time
June 14th Friday - Pingyao - Diesel Factory Studio Time
June 15th Saturday - Xi’an - Train from Pingyao – city sights
June 16th Sunday - Xi’an - Terracotta Warriors – train to Pingyao
June 17th Monday - Pingyao - Diesel Factory Studio Time
June 18th Tuesday - Pingyao - Diesel Factory Studio Time
June 19th Wednesday - Pingyao - Diesel Factory Studio Time
June 20th Thursday - Pingyao - Pack up Diesel Factory Studio 
June 21st Friday - Travel to Beijing - Train to Beijing 
June 22nd Saturday - Beijing - Beijing sights
June 23rd Sunday - Beijing - Beijing sights
June 24th Monday - Fly out from Beijing

How do I register my interest?
Enter your information by Friday March 1st, 2019 in the form above and hit the submit button. We will be in contact with you with more details. If you haven't a website to show us your images please make note of that in the submission form and send 10 jpegs with the longest side 2000 pixels 75 dpi to the following email address:
How do I pay Eyes on Main Street $3000?
Once you have confirmed your place we will send you a PayPal invoice or you can send a bank check to 
Eyes on Main Street INC
210 Moss Street
Wilson, NC 27893
When do I have pay by?
The earlier the better so that we can confirm all the arrangements in China but no later than March 31st, 2019
Is my money refundable if the trip is cancelled due to low numbers?
Yes, if are unable to reach the registration numbers that the budget is based on we will refund your money. If we fall just short of our target number we will send a revaluation of cost to the group to see if the group still wants to go but each person will have the chance to opt out at that stage. 
Who can attend this residency?  
This experience is for senior level undergraduate students, graduate students and any emerging photography over the age of 21. 
Is this reserved for photo majors? What about photo minors?
Anyone over the age of 21 years with an interest in photography and photomedia practice are welcome to attend this residency. 
Are there any requirements? Certain qualifications to be met? 
This residency open to emerging artists interested in photography or photomedia practice that want to experience a studio practice in a dynamic foreign culture. Final acceptance to the residency is based on review of a digital portfolio or website.
What is paid for and what is not?
Participants are responsible for the complete cost of the residency. Please refer to the budget breakdown. There is an up-front fee that must be paid to Eyes on Main Street Inc. at the time of registration and a list outlining suggested costs to cover other expenses. Each participant is responsible to secure their own airfare and travel insurance. Eyes on Main Street Inc. in collaboration with our Chinese partners will arrange on the ground accommodation and travel in China. 
Eyes on Main Street Inc. can provide letters of acceptance if a participant would like to approach their institution for funding, or internship credits. 
When should I book an my airfare?
Wait until Eyes on Main Street Inc. confirms the registration numbers of the residency with you. This will usually be around March 31st. 
How many people is needed for the residency to run? 
12 people is the minimum number that Eyes on Main Street Inc. needs to secure for the residency to run. Your help in recruiting members is very appreciated.
Are any art materials provided? Where can they be acquired abroad?
Participants are responsible for providing their material. We will have access to an art supply store in Pingyao and our Chinese partners will help in finding specific supplies if needed. Material for the youth photography mentorship project will be covered by Eyes on Main Street. ​​​​​​​
What is the schedule like?
The schedule is broken up into private studio time, research field trips to local sites of interest and time working on a youth photography mentorship project, the results of which will be exhibited at the 2019 Pingyao International Photography Festival. 
Are participants allocated studios?
All participants will be allocated individual working spaces in the Diesel Factory complex in the City of Pingyao. 
What are accommodations like? How many students in a room?
Participants will be allocated a single room a tradition court yard style hotel. Translators and residency leaders will stay in the same hotel. 
Is there schedule flexibility? Could one spend a weekend somewhere else, if needed for, say, a particular project? Between the residency dates participants are free to travel to other places in China but will be responsible for arranging their travel plans etc. To help with program planning Eyes on Main Street requests that any extra travel plans be presented to them before the start of residency. Given the allotted time of the residency participants should not plan too much extra activities as they may miss out on some spontaneous opportunities that arise from the residency itself and the interaction with the local artisans of Pingyao.   
Do I need a Visa to visit China?
Yes you do need a Visa to visit to China.You will need at least a 30 Day single entry Visa. You can find information on Visa requirements and costs here:
If you plan on flying via Canada you may need a Transit Visa. For information:
Any other questions? 
Please don't hesitate to email us if you have any further questions:

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